On another note, one of my mentors, Murray Haar, at the peak of craziness post-accident, told me that one of his favorite NT tales is of the woman who anointed Jesus.

The disciples were upset at her lavish waste of nard.

Jesus was upset at the disciples.

“She did what she could do,” Jesus said to them.

Murray pointed out that she couldn’t save Jesus from crucifixion, but she could anoint him King.

The point was, of course, that I couldn’t completely heal my son, and tend to both children, and write all the papers, and grade all the exams, and get all the grocery shopping done, and maintain my house, and even maintain my sanity.

But I could figure out what I could do, and I could do that.

I’ve taken a respite from OMG blogging to tend to my mother and father in the wake of her cancer diagnosis, to finish our move, and to play with my children in the summer sun.

I can’t do it all, but I can do what I can do.

I thank you all for your prayers and concern about my mother.

The recovery from the surgery is a kicker.  But that said, all nodes were cancer-free, all margins were cancer-free, and they won’t even do chemo or radiation because there is no need to.

She’s going to come through this one.

Mom said, “Anna, cancer is now no longer a word, but is an experience.”

It is that.



An apology for the lack of blog offerings–though maybe it was a fine respite for you all!

I was just doing what I could do, and these days, I think I can do a bit more.

May you also go do what you can do.