Anna Madsen is a "freelance theologian" living outside Two Harbors, Minnesota.

After graduating from Trinity Lutheran Seminary, she served a small South Dakota parish for three years before earning a doctorate in systematic theology in Regensburg, Germany. Immediately prior to her return to teach religion at a college in the Midwest, an accident killed her husband and severely injured her three year old son Karl. Her daughter Else was eight months old at the time.

This event profoundly shaped her theology and her life, not least of all as a springboard to create OMG: Center for Theological Conversation. Here, individuals and groups, laity and clergy, come for questions, conversation, and study. Through OMG, she also speaks with both large groups and individuals, blogs and writes.

In 2016, the family moved to a 20 acre property outside Two Harbors, Minnesota, and in 2017 began The Spent Dandelion Theological Retreat Center, where she offers a studio apartment, her 20 acres of gorgeous woods, her library, her consulting, and Minnesota's North Shore for people to retreat, refresh, and be restored.

Anna married David Willis in August 2022 and the two of them live in bliss with Karl while Else attends St. Olaf on scholarship. Anna loves her life in the North Shore and frequently can be found searching for agates and traipsing through the woods with their three dogs, Gimli, Chutzpaw, and Pancho.

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