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Anna Madsen is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) with a doctorate in theology from the University of Regensburg, Germany. An accident that killed her husband and inflicted a traumatic brain injury on her then three year old son rearranged her family, her theology, her faith, her view of the world, and her vocation. With her experience, Anna has spoken around the country to synod assemblies, clergy convocations, lay learning conferences, and consultations for synods and congregations.

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Events and Endorsements


  • Since it was your first time gathering with the rostered leaders of our synod, there was sense of curiosity and anticipation about you and the message you would bring. I am delighted to say the rostered leaders are using words such as intelligent, thought-provoking, engaging, humorous, authentic and contextual to describe you and your presentations. Job well done, good and faithful servant! Already I am being asked, ‘when will Anna return?’ Thank you, thank you!

    Bishop Terry Brandt, Eastern North Dakota Synod, ELCA

  • We were so thankful to have Anna as our adult Bible study speaker for family camp this summer. Her down to earth presentation style was interesting and engaging for both clergy and lay folks. One participant commented that ‘Her mind was blown’ and ‘She was so thankful she came to the week because she had learned so much.

    Rev. Tracy Polzin, Director of Fortune Lake Bible Camp, MI

  • Dr. Anna Madsen was a delightful presenter at the Northwestern Ohio Synod Rostered Leaders’ Retreat. Hers is a theology of the cross (and resurrection!) that is grounded in academic depth, poignant life experiences, pastoral practice and a willingness to engage with the hard questions of faith and life. The “extra bonus” is that her presentations reflect a playful wit and sense of grace.

    Bishop Marcus Lohrmann, Northwest Ohio Synod, ELCA

  • I feel Anna gave us all permission to not only allow space for our congregational members to ask questions, but that we also wrestle with questions, doubts, etc. and that’s okay…more than okay but part of faith.

    Participant of the Bishop's Colloquy, South Central Synod of Wisconsin, ELCA

  • Rev. Dr. Madsen is such an engaging, witty, and winsome person, you can forget you’re also learning with her until she smacks you in the head with the power of the cross.

    Participant of the Upper Susquehanna Synod Theological Retreat


OMG is for those who wonder about God, and God and suffering, loneliness, history, politics, doubt, world religions, biblical interpretation, addictions, science, families, grief, truth, poverty, divorce, art, agnosticism, atheism, personal finances...and those who want to delve deeper into the religious, theological, and faith intersections among them.

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Anna's Mission

Anna seeks to provide a place and a way for people to think about--and to rethink--their theological beliefs: what they are, why they have them, and what differences they make. Whether by way of private conversation, congregational or synodical consultation, or large group presentations, Anna is eager to offer up insights from current religious research, theological traditions, knowledge from other disciplines, and information about your immediate context and life experiences. Drawing on all of these arenas, you will leave your time at OMG with an expanded way of thinking about your understanding of God, your faith, and your world. For clergy, continuing education time and budget can be used for scheduled consultations with Anna.

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An hour-long conversation guided by your questions about theology, vocation, and/or life matters, directed by various theological approaches to the issues and questions you raise.

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