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I’ve been pleased to keynote or lead workshops at several events across the country, and would be honored to be considered as a presenter for your group’s meetings as well. The feedback from event attendees speaks much about the style and substance of my presentations, as well as my engagement with the audience, so please read excerpts, watch the videos, and listen to the audio from past events below!

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Videos of Past Events

View excerpts from the various speaking engagements OMG has participated in over the last few years.

  • Sharing Christ

    From the Florida-Bahamas Synod "Boldly Sharing Christ" Conference on Ministry.

  • What is OMG Center?

    Take 4:18 to hear a thumbnail sketch of what I do through OMG, and how OMG might serve you.

  • Sermon on the Tough Text of Zephaniah 1

    From the Florida-Bahamas Synod "Boldly Sharing Christ" Conference on Ministry.

  • Hope & Optimism

    Hope can exist when optimism does not.

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  • Anna Madsen was a delightful speaker. Her topic was ‘Radical Grace.’ She knew her subject well and was the best speaker we had ever had for our Women’s Retreat. I would love to have her back again. Anna kept us all engaged in the topic and sent us away with a feeling of ‘Radical Grace”’ from God like we have never known.

    Carolyn Champagne, Florida

  • Anna Madsen is an extraordinary practical theologian. As a group leader, she elicited deep questions and responded with theologically insightful, compassionate, and often humorous answers. A room full of Presbyterian ministers is a pretty sharp group, and she had us talking, laughing and most importantly, thinking about the impact of our faith on the most difficult challenges of life and ministry.

    Pastor Fritz Ritsch, Texas

  • I am grateful for Anna’s ability to engage pastors and lay leaders in the important work of reflecting upon the suffering of the world in the light of the Word of God. She brings energy, scholarship, humor and personal experience in speaking with honesty about God, the good news of Christ, and the painful struggles of people. Anna listens well, brings critical reflection, offers hope and healing and leads people to exclaim OMG! in the varied nuances of that exclamation.

    Bishop Gerald Mansholt, Wisconsin

  • I have never witnessed anything like what happened with Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen during the 2013 Fall Academy. She brought the house down, in a good way. Fresh and authentic, raw and honest, brilliantly funny and humanly humble, and theologically sound and inspiring while rooted in the “real world”, the first-class academically trained theologian led the audience on new paths in exploring the theological meanings of and responses to human suffering.

    Rev. Dr. Kirsi Stjerna, Gettysburg Seminary, Pennsylvania

  • Hers is a theology born of tragedy, death and the risky and treacherous work of building new life. What she does resembles the witness of our newly resurrected Lord; who encourages Thomas to touch his wounded body. The holy silence that I have always imagined occurring at that moment filled our assembly hall after Dr. Madsen’s final presentation, on a Saturday morning, in a room filled with Synod delegates itching to get home. Moses took his shoes off, and we applauded.

    Rev. Bill Pierce, Illinois

  • Dr. Anna Madsen spoke to our gathering of staff workers from congregations. It was a joy to watch her engage some of our deepest thinking pastors while also speaking in a way that also connected to janitors, worship leaders and support staff. In her work she both lifts up the tradition and challenges our thought about it to invite us to see God’s presence and work in the sorrows and joys of life.

    Bishop Jon Anderson, Minnesota

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