He is risen!

With this good news, although death has a word, to be sure, it’s no longer the last one.

Our perception of everything, therefore, has shifted:

~our concepts of what ought to be treasured, or abandoned, or feared;

~our definitions of power, or status, or the beautiful;

~our trust from our worthiness, to God’s;

~our distrust that we are worthy, to God’s resounding declaration that indeed, we are;

~the way we care for the earth, the creatures within it, ourselves, our enemies;

~whether we bide our time or steward it to love the world as God so radically has;

~our alertness to seeing God acting in the midst of despair, and our calling to do the same in God’s name;

~our courage to express righteous truth and righteous anger where unrighteousness abounds;

~our definition of what is righteous and what is not;

~our self-understanding as not just followers of Jesus, but ambassadors of Jesus the Christ.

His resurrection, you see, frees and compels us to notice where death threatens the world, so that both in spite of and to spite death in all its forms,  Christ-ians bring health, healing, wholeness, and hope into the mix—even our very own.


Jesus is risen!

We are Easter People!

The boxes in which we’ve been put, the fences which we’ve put up, the walls that have been built, the tombs in which we and those whom we love lie: they are no more.

So go!

Live and love with the radical resurrection freedom that this day has gifted us all!