Dear all,

Apparently it’s Small Business Saturday, and whatever else you can say about OMG: Center for Theological Conversation and The Spent Dandelion Theological Retreat Center, we’re small.

Super duper, really quite notably small.

Let’s go for quaint.

But nonetheless, or perhaps exactly therefore, we have any number of gift ideas for your family and friends, and, perhaps, even for you, that offer not just a gift and a ribbon, but an experience and perspective that will last the whole year round.

For starters, a New Thing just went up today: the Spent Dandelion Monthly Retreats.

I’m fairly excited about it.

In addition to staying at the Spent Dandelion for personal retreats, starting in January 2019, you can come and join 19 others for themed retreats over the course of two nights and three days; either Friday-Sunday, or Sunday-Tuesday.

Generally geared to the seasons of the year and the Church seasons, the retreats cover texts, traditions, and topics of the day.

Come for discussion and a simple Brotzeit on the first evening, a delicious breakfast and conversation in the morning, an afternoon of freetime along the North Shore, a brilliant farm-to-table meal and discussion, and one more breakfast before you make your way back home.

For more information, take a peek here, or, as always, contact me at, or 605-521-6284.

But if you or your gift-ee are looking rather for a more personal retreat, and especially for the introverts among us, consider a gift card for a stay at the Spent Dandelion! You chose the amount, they chose the dates.

Click here for links to the cards, and other Spent Dandelion Swag that would serve nicely as a Gift Card Conduit!

As one more possibility, a gift card for an OMG consult, in person, over video conferencing, or on the phone.

It’s a fine idea for someone hopeful for some centering, some visioning, some clarity, or simply to satiate some curiosity about religion, faith, theology, and what they have to do with Life.

Find the range of possibilities here.

May this season of gifting and receipt of gifts remind you that to those who know and love you, you yourself are a gift, and really, at the end of the day, that is more than enough.




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