The Cross as the Crux of Indignation and Hope

April 30 - May 1, 2012

Event Details

Upper Susquehanna Synod (ELCA) Bishop’s Conference
State College, PA

Endorsements From This Event

  • Rev. Dr. Madsen is such an engaging, witty, and winsome person, you can forget you’re also learning with her until she smacks you in the head with the power of the cross.

    Upper Susquehanna Synod Theological Retreat Participant

  • Anna’s thought-full, well-researched, and heartfelt presentations resonated with me and other clergy peers. I would trust Anna’s take on any topic, given the challenge, but know that her personal history brings added depth to her thoughts on pain and loss, grace and hope, life, death, and resurrection.

    Upper Susquehanna Synod Theological Retreat Participant

  • Anna and OMG can be a great partner for someone who is working through a challenging issue. Through personal meetings or online conversations, Anna is a top-notch listener, re-framer of ideas, and poser of thoughtful questions.

    Rev. Beth Ann L. Stone, former Assistant to Bishop Driesen of the Upper Susquehanna Synod, ELCA (or Associate Pastor, Southwood Lutheran Church, Lincoln, NE)

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