Endorsements From This Event

  • In the fourteen years of hosting visiting lecturers at the Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary, I have never witnessed such a meltdown as what happened with Rev. Dr. Anna Madsen. Her unique presentation during the 2013 Fall Academy brought the house down, in a good way. Fresh and authentic, raw and honest, brilliantly funny and humanly humble, and theologically sound and inspiring while rooted in the “real world”, the first-class academically trained theologian led the audience on new paths in exploring the theological meanings of and responses to human suffering. Dr Madsen has a gift of speaking eloquently, understandably, and with an engaging spirit to varied audiences. She empowers participants to think hard and to feel. She speaks to real life issues, with a deep social consciousness and compassion for the fellow human beings. Dr Madsen’s OMG provides an access point for individuals, groups, and institutions to theologically address the issues of our world and promote changes, and not to take platitudes or “no” for an answer. Here in Gettysburg, people still talk about Dr Madsen’s presentation, and wish to call her back!

    Rev. Dr. Kirsi Stjerna, Professor of Reformation Church History and Director of the Institute for Luther Studies

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