On Else’s Birthday: Of Knowing History and Hope and Peace in a Bundle

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Eight years ago yesterday, daughter Else was born. A baby’s birth isn’t just the event itself, but is a symbol of new beginnings, of uncountable possibilities, of history and hope and peace in a bundle. Else was almost Petrea.  Petrea was my paternal grandmother’s sister’s name, and is the middle name of my sister. In […]

Of Hitchkins and Christians: Debunking Bunking Faith and Reason

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Recently I read a review of  a new book by Terry Eagleton called Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate.  A very fine survey of his life can also be found here.  The review of this particular volume was so compelling that I ran out and got it, and you should too. Call […]

Bonhoeffer: Assassin (wannabe) and Patron Saint of Lutheran Ambiguity

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Today is Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s birthday. I was reminded of this on today’s Writer’s Almanac by Garrison Keillor.  We wake up at 6:00 a.m. to classical public radio in my family, and at 6:15 Garrison lulls us right back to sleep with his tales and poetry and voice. But it’s worth your time to look up […]

Anne Rice not a Church-goer … then she is … now she’s not …. What’s up?

Monday, September 13th, 2010

In light of Anne Rice’s recent announcement that she is leaving Christianity but holding onto Christ I am pondering the following:
What does it mean to react to vs respond to the Gospel, to God, to Christ, to Christianity?
What are the parallels, if any, between Anne Rice and the stance taken by Martin Luther centuries ago?
What does it mean to ‘leave’ a doctrine?

Hunches, hopes, hints about grace

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Question: If we are saved by God’s grace and yet we continue to turn our back on God, i.e., we don’t practice our faith, we don’t pray, we don’t read God’s word, we continue to repeat the same sins over and over, etc. if we die are we saved or did we fall short of […]

Home to new places

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Like ink made visible in the moonlight. That’s what it was like to be in Germany. Europe illuminates a part of me that is otherwise not seen, sometimes even by myself. Kathleen Norris writes about the notion of “Spiritual Geography,” this idea that a person is shaped not only by people and events, but also […]