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Before she moved to Minnesota, Anna had a regular column in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader. Please click on the links below to read her past articles!

There’s Room for Doubt in Faith

How Do You Define God?

Compassion Is What United All Religions

When We Feel Pain, Surely God Hurts With Us

Grace: It’s a Radical, Undeserved Notion

More Than Golden–Or Even Platinum–Rule

Science and Religion Aren’t at Odds

Jews, Christians, Use Light to Overcome Darkness

Ability to Forgive Reflects on Forgiver

Stewardship, Sacrifice, Perfect for Springtime

We Humans are Really Just Rich Dirt

Honor is a Hefty Call-To-Action Word

Organized Religion Might Be Evolving

Religions Call Us To Serve Others Above Self

Vocation Should Come with Joy, Fill a Need

When You Take Only What Delights, It Can Be Freeing

Nature is Ours to Nurter…Except Maybe Ticks

OMG in the News:

Trinity Lutheran Seminary’s Te Deum, Fall 2010

She Magazine, “All the Right Questions”

KELO, Freelancing Faith

Christian Century, “Freelance Theologian”

Anna’s 2015 Presentation at the Trinity Days Dinner upon Receipt of Trinity Lutheran Seminary’s Distinguished Alumna Award


Links to Favorite Religious and Theological Websites

Crossmarks (Text study)

The Text This Week (Text study)

Murray Haar on Religion (Theological reflections from a Jewish perspective from a man I am proud to call friend and mentor)

Wabash Center (An anthology of internet resources)

Religion Online (A selection of key readings gleaned from a wide swath of theological resources)

On Being (An award-winning radio show hosted by Krista Tippett which invites conversation about what it is to be human, using the resources of poetry, religion, science, ethics, politics, sociology, economics, history, music, and art to consider It All)

Process and Faith (A site dedicated to thinking about process theology: what it is and what it means)

Sojourners (An organization dedicated to the intersection of faith and life by way of social justice and transformation)

The Christian Century (A “progressive, ecumenical” scholarly journal)


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