Anyone who has read or heard my musings on Holy Saturday knows that I embrace it as the most honest day of the Church.

On this day, everything touches everything.

The devastating truth of Good Friday is fundamentally interlaced with the life-effusive truth of Easter.

You can’t, it turns out, live permanently in either day, because each day would eclipse the truth of the other, and that’s no way to live.

For that matter, there is no way to live if firmly, exclusively anchored in either day.

Left alone, see, each day is a false rendering of life.

But on this day, and if we’re honest, on every day, everything is all of a singular piece.

That’s a Deep Life Truth.

Every day we can be touched by grief, loneliness, disease, regrets, hurts, injustices, and the absence of delight.

And every day we can be consoled and uplifted by joy, comfort, relief, redemption, reconciliation, justice, and beauty.

Holy Saturday reminds us, you see, that God is not just present in death or life, but that God is active in each of these truths, and in their in-betweens.

Faith in that truth pulls us from our despairs into trust that although death is ever so real, life, ultimately, is real-er.

That’s the Holy Saturday truth which emboldens us to enter another day, every day, with hope.