People aren’t always so sure what OMG is.

It seems to me that it might not be so dumb, then, to bullet out a few broad descriptors.

1.  OMG is a blog. I write, and I invite readers to submit questions about theology, religion, Scripture and the intersection of any or all of these with, well, most anything else.  I’ll throw back a few responses, and when possible, even an answer.

2.  OMG is a study into which you are invited.  If you have a question, or a series of questions, which call for more in-depth, persistent, or personal conversation than the blog can offer, I welcome you to come to OMG by way of walking through its door or by visiting via Skype.  Hourly rates can be found here.  I have worked with curious people from age 10 to, well, older than that; with people seeking to find their theological belief system; with couples wanting to identify and work out of a similar notion of God for their relationship, their family, their finances, and so forth; and with groups of friends who have together similar gnawing questions and want a place to think them though.

I also offer the possibility of continuing education for clergy, providing a chance to hone your sabbatical or CE area of interest.

3.  OMG is a consultant. I have had the privilege of working with congregations to help in the discernment of their collective theology, which then helps develop a clearer formation of its mission.  I have also worked with therapists to provide a space to consider the connection between psychology and theology.

4.  OMG is a workshop giver and keynote speaker. I have offered or will offer keynote and workshop presentations to a wide variety of groups in a wide variety of places. To name a few: the South Dakota Synod Pastors at their Spring Conference in 2011; Presbyterian clergy at their New Church Development Conference in Tampa, Florida in the summer of 2011; Episcopalian female laity and clergy at the February 2012 Womankind Conference in Richmond, VA; and Pennsylvania Lutheran and Episcopal clergy at their Spring Conference in 2012.

5.  OMG is me.

I’d love to be of service to you, to your congregation, or to your organization.

And if you haven’t already, please like me on Facebook, follow me on twitter, and/or subscribe to my blog.

Peace to you!