Minnesota Conference of the UCC Fall Clergy Gathering: Getting to Vitality: Moving from Grief to Transformation

October 4 - 5, 2018

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Christ the King Retreat Center, Buffalo, MN
Buffalo, MN

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Have you noticed there seems to be a lot more anger, anxiety and frustration in our midst?  It may just be that these are signs of grief – the human response to loss.  When the world changes at such a fast pace, and the world we once knew disappears before our eyes, it would not be out of the question to consider that we are living with grief.

We in ministry and our ministerial settings are not exempt from this grief process.  We may find that grief is at the heart of our ministry and we are called to address our own grief and that of our congregation or institution.

The principle question of grief is this: Who am I now? Who am I now that things are not the way that I dreamed and hoped they might be?

Artists, poets and story-tellers have traditionally used creative ways to help us to learn to grieve and re-energize. Our own sacred texts bear witness to these reflective processes that revealed to our ancestors how to lament, be comforted, hope-filled, resilient and vital.

Join us for a time of story-telling, poetry, stone-carving, ritual and revitalization. Come and learn more about how to offer pastoral leadership to a grieving world.

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